Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tour of Ireland Part 1

I gathered the names of places we have been to.. Here it goes:
Cave: Ailwee Cave in BallyVaughan
Phys Ed: Burren Cod
Lunch: Doolin
Saturday we decided to take a little tour around Cliffs of Moher.. It was a relatively short drive from Limerick but time-wise it took longer than expected.. The roads here are pretty narrow, what we would call a 1 lane road is a 2 lane cross traffic road.. I am talking about big busses coming at you without really slowing down and the only thing you can do is duck and sit as close to the edge of the road as possible, even with that the bus passes you about a foot apart.. Pretty crazy driving.. Other than that it was spectacular.. Cliff's were amazing.. It was raining quite a bit so we did not get a chance to walk to the end of the cliffs to really enjoy the view but even with the limited trip it was great. I took a lot of pics but they are hidden in my camera until I find an SD card reader..
From the cliffs we went to have breakfast at a small town, after enjoying our lunch we started heading down to the caves around there (forgot the name now, I'll try to dig it up).. On the way to the caves we thoroughly enjoyed the ocean and the green and the hills, view was just great.. We found a good place to stop on the way to take pics but it turned out to be better than that.. It was all big rocks that are eaten up by waves hitting them for the hundreds of years.. coming closer to the edge you would find the rocks being shaped like a spunge (a razor sharp spunge) again because of the erosion.. We went about a quarter of a mile through these rock to the edge where the waves of the ocean would splash over us.. It was just great.. We climbed up and down the rocks.. We could have done it for a few more hours.. On the way back to the road we tried some rock climbing (I have scars to prove it too :))..
Went to the caves afterwards.. It was a relatively small cave after having seen the Mammoth caves in Kentucky.. It was pretty good little tour though..
After all that action we decided to come back to the hotel.. We were all quite tired and enjoyed the sleep on the way back to the hotel (including our driver :))..
This is the part of Ireland that I wanted to see and I am glad to have caught a glimpse of it..
I'll post the pics as soon as I can..


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looks like Enes is quite busy for the past 5 years:).. or just that you dont like blogging anymore:)??

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