Friday, July 21, 2006

Sitting at the Clarion

I just had a pretty long day at work, came back to the hotel trying to relax.. Starving to death almost with the smaller portions here in Ireland.. Of course the jet-lag and lack of sleep as a result doesn't help things..
Ok, just ate a portion of black bean and chicken with extra fried rice and I am almost full. Portions here are quite small.. probably close to half of what is in US.. I guess I can fill the void with a desert..
Overall though, I like it here so far. Pretty interesting.. Good break from the ordinary that is in US. It seems like everybody gets used to certain things.. Even though you dont have a certain routine, anything and everything that you get used to and think would not qualify for a routine is part of your routine.. It is the small things; driving on the left side, narrow roads, roundabouts, road signs, different accent, a few different words, a little different food, different ways of looking at life, more environmentally concious way of life, people on the streets walking to get to work or from point A to B, small things in general. To be honest I did not really get the chance to blend into the regular crowd yet.
Overall people seem to be pretty warm and welcoming..
Anyways my half-sized portion chocolate pyramid is here and staring at me..


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