Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Walk around the city

Today one of the other guys from my team (Bill) came to Limerick.. We went for a walk in the city.. It is pretty nice. It reminds me of the outside walking environment that is similar to Istanbul. On a smaller scale of course but still nice to be walking around and see people, walk into stores check out stuff. It is relly not important what you are looking at but it is something..
Encountered the changing "regular" Irish weather.. It kept raining intermittently, sometimes pouring for a few mins and then back to normal.. Now it is good and cloudy, ~ 65-70 degrees Fahrenheight..
I am still sitting in the lobby/ cafe of the hotel, drinking ice-water.. Over in Europe you have to ask ice with drink, otherwise you wont get ice..
While walking around found a McDonalds, Burger King.. Even though it is good to know they exists, I am not ready to go to a fast food joint yet.. Went to an Italian restaurant, wasn't too bad, not great either. Deserts were pretty good..
Overall things are still going good.. We'll probably go and visit some of the castles and continue seeing around town.. Hopefully take some pictures (if it doesn't rain too much)..

I am not over my jet lag yet.. normally I am not effected by time difference this much, we'll see how long it will take to adapt.. Maybe I am getting old, that must be a sign of not adjusting as quickly.. Whatever :)


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