Thursday, January 26, 2006

Burning the Midnight Oil..

I know I have been neglecting my precious blog for the month.. I really am sorry for my friends that are following my updates.
I have been pretty busy lately.. I knew that I was going to be busy when I started my new job but it turned out that I am whole lot busier once I got fully engaged.. For the last few weeks I am averaging ~10hrs a day (7 days) at work.. Don't get me wrong. I am doing things that I really wanted to do for a long time but did not get a chance to do..
Also I am NOT ignoring my presonal life either.. I am hanging out with friends. Not as much as when I was in Nashville. There I was seeing someone everyday.. But here it is still about 3-4 times a week that I get together with friends.. I think it is the balance thing right.. I am more organized, I watch less TV, don't have a long commute..
One thing that I am missing is my exercise..
I still have not got back to it yet.. I had a couple of attempts but none successful so far..
We'll see..
For those of you that know Ibrahim Tatlises, I really am not his fan but I was just listening to iTunes and one of his songs poped up (Keskin Bicak).. Maybe I am under the influence of being tired but I listened to it 5-10 times and in fact I am still listening to it right now.. It is so emotional.. I do not consider myself emotional but it even got to me.. Anyways, thought I'd share that with you guys..


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