Thursday, December 22, 2005

PERSONAL - Leaving friends and family

I know that I have talked about this a few times before but as certain things trigger emotions I feel like I need to revisit.
Now I am in a hotel in North Carolina, all by myself browsing internet. My dear friend Safak signed in to Messenger and we chatted a little bit. Sometimes it is pretty hard to leave your ties behind..
As much as I did not care for Nashville as a city, I really had some strong relationships there. First of all I still have my brother Tunc. Then I have my real close friends Safak (Ilknur, little Mert), Umut, Mert, Varol Family (Filiz, Yasin, Elif, Ceyda), Canan, Levent family, and others that I cannot remember right away at this hour. Then my other close friends and friends that has left Nashville before me (such as Bugra).. It is always a bad idea to name friends in case you miss one but please try to stick with the concept here..
I know that I have and will have a lot of friends in Austin but as a fruit of strong friendship I will add more friends instead of replacing the ones that I have in Nashville (and in other cities that I have lived so far)..
I have come to realize this in the past few years that no matter how much money you have, what kind of car you drive, what kind house you live in, they are all empty if you don't have anybody so share them with.. I wish everybody someone(s) to share their happines in this life and there after..
Have a happy holidays everybody!!!!


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