Friday, December 02, 2005


The Trucking world has always been a different one for me. I have never really driven a truck for a long distance (just in city moving and stuff). I am not talking about a Ford or Chevy pickup truck. I am talking about a U-Haul 14,17,26 footer. It is a different feeling to be that high from everybody else and have that much momentum.. It requires more responsibility and care.. I can even project that handling that kind of a load would help build character. You're going to say "No Way" or argue the relationship but it is true.. You have to be very patient, plan ahead for your every move, be respectful with other people on the road, and learn to be forgiving to ignorant people.. If your personality is suitable to learn, you can learn all these good behaviors and some more.. Of course I did not drive that long to develop any new behavior but was able to catch a glimpse.. I also felt like I should start listening to country music. I did not give into that either :) I continued to listen to rock and pop..


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