Thursday, December 22, 2005

PERSONAL - Time to Run

I signed up for this years Country Music Marathon in Nashville (April 29 2006). After gaining a few pounds I thought it was necessary to have motivating factor to get back into shape. I hope I can..
Stay tuned..

PERSONAL - Leaving friends and family

I know that I have talked about this a few times before but as certain things trigger emotions I feel like I need to revisit.
Now I am in a hotel in North Carolina, all by myself browsing internet. My dear friend Safak signed in to Messenger and we chatted a little bit. Sometimes it is pretty hard to leave your ties behind..
As much as I did not care for Nashville as a city, I really had some strong relationships there. First of all I still have my brother Tunc. Then I have my real close friends Safak (Ilknur, little Mert), Umut, Mert, Varol Family (Filiz, Yasin, Elif, Ceyda), Canan, Levent family, and others that I cannot remember right away at this hour. Then my other close friends and friends that has left Nashville before me (such as Bugra).. It is always a bad idea to name friends in case you miss one but please try to stick with the concept here..
I know that I have and will have a lot of friends in Austin but as a fruit of strong friendship I will add more friends instead of replacing the ones that I have in Nashville (and in other cities that I have lived so far)..
I have come to realize this in the past few years that no matter how much money you have, what kind of car you drive, what kind house you live in, they are all empty if you don't have anybody so share them with.. I wish everybody someone(s) to share their happines in this life and there after..
Have a happy holidays everybody!!!!

PERSONAL - Eternal frienship

Speaking of friends, I visited my ex-roommate Osman and his wife Nilufer from college last Tuesday.. I was reassured that this is the kind of long lasting friendship that I am looking for. I thank God that I have these friends that we have shared so much, and still can connect even though we cannot see each other all the time. One real good example is my middle school buddy Ozcan. I saw him and his family about a month ago in PA. Spent the night there and we chatted for hours like we were never away from each other.. So many years passed and we had so little interaction, yet our friendship was so deep that (again thank God) we did not loose our bond..
I wish everybody at least one friend like the friends that I have right now!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

COMMENT - On the road again...

OK. This is getting old. I have been driving so many miles lately, I think I will give it a rest for a little while.. I drove ~4000 miles in the last 3 weeks!
Normally I like driving, you get to think. A lot! It doesn't have to be serious stuff all the time but things that you normally don't get enough time to sit down and concentrate. Well, when you have 10-15 hours to spare, best thing is to start using the little engine...
On a totally different note, this time around I noticed that Arkansas was "The Natural State". Again this time I noticed that somehow the rivers and the lakes in Arkansas are really beautiful blue, I wanted to take some pics but did not have camera or time so maybe next time around I would get a chance to take some pics of the "The Natural State"..

Friday, December 02, 2005


The Trucking world has always been a different one for me. I have never really driven a truck for a long distance (just in city moving and stuff). I am not talking about a Ford or Chevy pickup truck. I am talking about a U-Haul 14,17,26 footer. It is a different feeling to be that high from everybody else and have that much momentum.. It requires more responsibility and care.. I can even project that handling that kind of a load would help build character. You're going to say "No Way" or argue the relationship but it is true.. You have to be very patient, plan ahead for your every move, be respectful with other people on the road, and learn to be forgiving to ignorant people.. If your personality is suitable to learn, you can learn all these good behaviors and some more.. Of course I did not drive that long to develop any new behavior but was able to catch a glimpse.. I also felt like I should start listening to country music. I did not give into that either :) I continued to listen to rock and pop..