Wednesday, November 30, 2005

TRAVEL - Northeast US

Northeast US has always had a different spot in my heart. Last week I was in MA. I then went to Albany, NY, then down south to PA, then to NC, to TN, to finally Austin (my new home).. During this visit I saw that Northern sky is different. For some reason the horizon looks whole lot wider, and bigger. I am not going to try to logically explain this, some things are better left unexplained..When I was crusing down the highway I saw these different cities that are relatively old, they had these small rectangle shaped windows with short roofs and plain colored walls.. Old style homes or apartment buildings. Even though those buildings are fairly old and not really the latest style, I like them. I like them a lot. It has this warm feeling and somehow I can feel a connection. This is pretty weird considering that I have never lived up north. Just visited.. I wished that I had my camera with me so that I could have shared the scenery with you but I guess I will have to do that next time.. One other thing that is great about the north is the trees. They are big and there are lots of them.. The only other place that I have seen that kind of abundance was suprisingly in Arkansas. So far the only thing that I liked about Arkansas is their trees (don't know much about Arkansas yet).From reading this you might ask why I am down in Austin, part of my answer is I don't like COLD!! I can bear upto TN, VA line.. After that it gets too much cold and snow for my taste.. People here call 40-50 F cold where in Northeastern states, people would walk with shorts and T-shirts when it is that 'warm':) Rest of my answer has to do with how nice Austin is, and how my new job is located here in Austin (this is a whole different topic)..


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