Thursday, September 15, 2005

COMMENT - Great Loss

It is really hard to relate to someone that has lost a loved one.. I have been blessed in my life about that so far. In the last couple of months some of my friends have lost their loved ones, they have felt the unimaginable pain of not being able to see that person for the rest of their lives.. If you belive in after life this pain is not as bad (takes less time to heal), since you know that you will join them in after life. When compared to eternity that you will spend after life, 50 years of life apart may be more bearable. If you don't believe that there is heaven or hell, then the loss may drive one insane..
After all that I have seen around (including the deaths still continuing on the eastern part of the world) Katrina made things worse. I really don't know the devastation and the death toll but the damage and the loss just reminded me that we only think that we have control over things. Nope, reality is that we can only guide some things in life, bend its flow but I don't believe that we are in control of anything..
I kept saying that the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" seems more real now than ever. If this was not a hurricane but a tornado then what would have happened (no land to stop it..)? At this point it sounds very pesimistic so I will stop.
All these things remind us of how fragile our lives are, how much we should charish the days we have left on this planet, how we should appreciate the people around us, how we should try to prepare ourselves for death, and how everything else seems so little when compared to sickness, death: GREAT LOSS..


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