Monday, August 01, 2005

I am BACK!!!

I just noticed today that it has been 5 weeks since I posted anything on my blog.. It is on the verge or being forgotten! I need to change that. Here I am writing about my comeback to the blog world.

I have been pretty busy at work. We are doing a lot of upgrades and stuff. To a non-IT person that would probably sound pretty straightforward and easy but that's why they are the non-IT person and that is why we (IT people) work too hard to make sure the customer does not even notice what we do in the background. I actually take pride in that. When we were done with our work I told one of my customers about what happened just to see if they have noticed anything unusual and when I learned that they would not have known that an upgrade of the scale that we have done happened unless I have told them. Even though it was almost 1 AM in the morning knowing all my hard work helped my customers gave me the comfort and made my efforts worth while.

That's what differenciates the different professionals in every field. Taking pride in the work that you do. I was going to talk about something else but this sounds like a decent discussion so I'll continue.
Taking pride in what you do. This is a really magical concept. This does not mean that you love your job, does not mean that you are the best at what you do, to me it solely represents the effort you put into your work and acknowledge that what you do in turn represent who you are. Isn't that true for everything that we do? How does other people know us. By our good looks? Our wealth? Our origin? or more importantly the things that we do, how we act, how we treat ourselves and others, how we react to certain things... In short what we do is our window to the outside world. Some people would disagree with that. They would think that they only work for the money, they would do as much as they can to get away with the least possible effort. Not me. And I am not trying to say that I am better than other people, or I am smarter or anything. I am just saying that at the end of the day when I design and application, when I maintain a system, whatever I do if I make just a few peoples jobs easier even without them knowing the hours that I had to put in to make it happen, that would be my satisfaction.

I just wish that more and more people take pride in what they do. Approach every issue with "I care" attitude... For my wish to come true, I will start with myself and try to see what I can do..


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