Sunday, August 21, 2005

Horror Movies?

Okey, Horror movies. Who watches them, why do they watch them, what is the pleasure that is gained by watching the horror movies..
Those are the questions that I don't have an answer to, because since I was 7 I really never understood the purpose of horror movies. I know a lot of girls that really likes horror movies most of which were terrified of them and had hard time sleeping after watching them. So then what's the point? I am guessing that it is the rush, but like I said I am going to leave the explanation of that part to a person that really likes horror movies...
Me on the other hand. I don't like 'em. Okey some of them are good, suspense is fine but not horror movies. I would watch them and I used to watch quite a bit of them but nope, not anymore. I just don't see the point and until someone explains it to me I am on strike..
We just watched "The Saw" few minutes ago with a couple of friends. It was actually a pretty good movie, better than I expected, but I am not sure if I got anything out of it.
Disclaimer: Do not read the next few lines if you do not want to hear about the contents of the movie.
Okey now that the disclaimer is out of the way. The movie is all about a guy who in his dying bed thought he needs to be teaching people a lesson about the value of life. As a result of his lesson, the people who are really willing to live and willing to sacrifice certain things for staying alive stayed alive. They probably would need a lot of hours of therapy but at the end they would appreciate their lives more (which is probably true for the one girl that survived). Okey the concept is original. I'll give 'em that. Sick but original. Still though, I am not sure if that concept was worth the scenes that we had to see like the one where a cop gets his head blown off by a shot gun. I am actually more concerned about my friends who watched the movie and might have hard time sleeping tonight..
In short; I really am not interested in horror movies anymore. I would watch them if there is nothing else available, my friends when you go to blockbuster with me know that my vote will be against picking a horror movie 99% of the time..
Please write me back if you like the horror movies and please include why.. If you do not like it write me back and let me know why you don't like it..


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