Monday, August 29, 2005

DISCUSSION - What's the Point of IT Certifications?

Slashdot has a post about the point of IT Certifications. This is something that I have been thinking heavily about for the last year or so. I am Java certified professional. I really think that Java certification helped me understand the details of Java programming language and gave me some troubleshooting tools as well as lessons learned about what NOT to do. I can't say that it gave me a lot about what a good programmer should do..
Of course there is the MS side to this story. I haven't taken any certification classes, lessons, or tests from Microsoft. I heard that they use to be pretty useless but they are claimed to be more useful right now. It is a gamble though. My company does not pay for the certifications so $150 a pop, and $50 a book for studying, it is not a cheap gamble. A basic certification would run you up about $1500-$2000 and 3-6 months of studying. Well this is not a huge investment compared to taking classes, going for masters, second degree, etc but will I be getting anything out of it?
If any of you out there have anything to say about this subject please do so by adding a comment or sending an email directly to me (listed under my account details)..


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