Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wired 13.06: Time's Up, Einstein

Wired 13.06: Time's Up, Einstein: "Time's Up, Einstein"
Interesting thought process..
Here is a part of it:
"One of the bright spots in his life was that he'd recently fallen in love - with Einstein. Raiding the Wellington library, he pored over biographies like Denis Brian's Einstein: A Life and devoured explanations of the great theorist's work. One night he was watching the movie I.Q., with Walter Matthau as Einstein, Meg Ryan as his ditzy-yet-brainy niece, and Tim Robbins as a lovesick mechanic. When Robbins moves in on Ryan for a kiss, she attempts to fend him off with a 2,500-year-old paradox known as Zeno's dichotomy: Moving from point A to point B requires that you first cover half the distance, then half of the remaining distance, and so on - an insurmountable infinity of almost-theres that keeps you from point B. Robbins crashes through Zeno's logic by kissing Ryan anyway.

It was just the thing to get Lynds off the couch: What if Zeno's real lesson isn't that movement from point A to point B is impossible (obviously it isn't), but rather that there is no such thing as a discrete slice of time? "


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