Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Slashdot | Publishers Protest Google Library Project

Slashdot | Publishers Protest Google Library Project: "Publishers Protest Google Library Project"
Posted by Zonk on Tuesday May 24, @01:55PM
from the not-the-books! dept.
gollum123 writes "A group of academic publishers is challenging Google Inc.'s plan to scan millions of library books into its Internet search engine index, highlighting fears that the ambitious project will violate copyrights and stifle future sales. In a letter scheduled to be delivered to Google Monday, the Association of American University Presses described the online search engine's library project as a troubling financial threat to its membership -- 125 nonprofit publishers of academic journals and scholarly books. The university presses depend on books sales and other licensing agreements for most of their revenue, making copyright protections essential to their survival."


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