Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Experience - Car Service (453 words)

OK. Most everybody has a car, good, bad, whatever. A form of transportation.
What does it take to keep our form of transportation in good condition?
- Change oil every 5-10K miles,
- Rotate tires every oil change,
- Regular maintenance (belts, fluid checks, filter changes, wiper blades, etc)
- Unexpected issues (once in a while if you have a car that is not in really bad shape)
- Misc Maint (to cover things that I couldn't think about right now)

Usually you have to change oil and rotate tires once in 3 months, other maintenance once a year..

Even though it may not seem like there is a lot of maintenance needed on the vehicle why do many people dread the time they spend at the maintenance shop?
I will tell you a little bit about my experience yesterday..

I made an appointment with this shop for the afternoon.
I left work early to get there, I rushed to make sure I don't miss my appointment.
All this to get the answer "Sir, we will get to your vehicle in an hour or so and it will take about 2 hours total to get your tires rotated, brakes checked..
I felt my blood rushing into my veins, adrenaline pumping, pretty much shocked and partially angry.
Why do we make appointments? MMmmm, I think we do
NOT want to wait.
If I have to wait an hour to get my car serviced, wait another hour for the service that is just not acceptable..
OK, 2 hrs every 3 months, big deal..
YES big deal.
You are pretty much stuck in a shop with heavy rubber smell (from new tires) and nothing much to do except to read whatever material they have and sit in their uncomfortable chair..
Hope that you get the service you deserve in a timely manner (uncertainty, the big killer).. (There is a whole other issue of getting good/ reliable service that I am not going to get into now).
While I was sitting there, I actually realized that this is my opportunity to do
A very good excuse to sit around and relax.. Not too bad haigh.. Well not the most comfortable environment but nevertheless an opportunity..
After all I could even say that I enjoyed it.
But for many other unfortunate people it is a torture..
So for all those of you, enjoy your time-off while waiting..
If you cannot wait then bring in a decent book and read it, bring your laptop and get some work done, whatever..
Just accept it that you will spend 2-4 hrs in a room and make the most out of it..
Or just do what I did,


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