Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sony is still the ONE (PC)

Update 04/29/05 10:00:
One of the comments were about IBM ThinkPads. As much as I like the IBMs in terms of quality and performance, and battery life. I believe they lack the style factor. So IMHO they lack the complete package that Sony IMHO delivers.. If sytle (subjective) is not going to be one of the major decision making factors than I would opt for a much cheaper DELL.
In short; If I am payinf for a laptop I would go for the complete package, but if someone else were to give me an IBM as a Part of my work, I would gladly take it and surely would enjoy using it.
The new T Series:
Estimated Battery Life: 3.5-9.0 hours with standard battery
Weight:3.04 lbs. with standard battery
That is what I like about Sony.
They make practical, beautiful, good quality laptops that have excellent screens, livable battery life.
It must be pretty hard thing to do because there is nobody else in the PC world that can do it.
On the other side however there is APPLE. They actually are the best in terms of anything and everything.
If I didn't need to use Windows as my OS I would have bought an Apple long time ago.
It is hard NOT to be amazed with their "MINI", don't you think??
I cannot end this message without mentioning DELL. It may not be as reliable, may not be as good looking or practical, BUT they are the most affordable and for most consumers bottom line is the most important of all..


Anonymous Turker said...

Hum, I am not sure about whether the Sony is best. What about IBM? A lot of people (especially business people) are happy with Thinkpads and they have long battery lifes.

On the Apple thing, I was amazed by the amount of Apple laptops I have seen among the people in academia and industry. I think it is a good thing that the Apple store has discounts for universites, Vanderbilt included.

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