Monday, April 25, 2005

Run for your "Life"

Well it seems like I should talk a little about running since I have signed up for the 1/2 Marathon this weekend 4/30/05 @ the Music City Marathon.
1/2 Marathon sounds like you are not up to the "Full" marathon challenge so you are taking the "lite" version of the challenge. When you look at the numbers though 13.1 miles is not really a walk in the park. Anyways, all my running for the last 2 months should pay off this weekend and then I will give my legs a rest from the long runs.
For the beginner runners out there, listen to the more experienced runners and do NOT increase your mileage too fast, only increase it by ~10% a week.. Otherwise you will end up like me and injure yourself. Also do strength training which would help you avoid injuries..

Another aspect of these events is to help charities and disease research. Artists and singers volunteer their time, citizens volunteer their money and I just wonder how much of that really goes to helping people. Usually when we buy things we are more careful about how much we spend and we question the value that we get out of it but do we really think about the value that the needy gets when we spend our good deed money?

Back to running. My 2cents on running as a form of exercise is unless you like running you do not have to run for fitness and weight loss. Fast pace walking is as effective as running and much easier on your joints (this is especially true if you need to loose weight). Just keep your walks to 30-60 mins 4 times a week and if you mix that with jogging few minutes towards the end of your work out that is all you need for exercise (don't forget to stretch). Then you can concentrate on your diet.


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