Saturday, April 30, 2005

Official Results are in!!!

10K: 53:15
1/2 Marathon: 01:52:31
Pace: 8:35 min mile
Ranking: 1692 out of 12,923 people

Action Packed MOVIE (.avi)

Check out the latest movie starring Enes..!

01:53:00 - (avg. 7 mph) Quite an Experience

As some of you know I signed up to run on the Music City Half Marathon.
I am proud to say that "I Completed it". I am also proud so say that I have ran faster than I thought I could. Here is how it happened:
On Friday I was starting to feel the excitement of the event. I went to get my tag and my "ChampionChip" timing device (which is nothing more than a well designed small RFID tag that they use to link your individual race number to) and other stuff such as T-Shirt, Race Number (to put on your shirt), some advertisement, etc. It was well organized and the volunteer did a great job to guide the crowds in and out relatively smooth. After getting all my stuff I started wondering around. There were a lot of running stuff but they were all expensive so I did not even bother looking at it. Then I saw a stand where they were selling the previous years' shirts for 2 for $5. I could not resist and bought 2. I mean you can't get a decent shirt at Walmart for that price. That was pretty much it for that event. At night I felt more and more excited and then went to bed relatively early. In the morning I went to the event start and many people were just runing or walking from their apartments. When I came close to the start line I saw thousands of people that filled up the 4-5 lane street. I was amazed by the size of the crowd. Then I found my pace setter guy. Poor guy had to hold a sign saying that he is going to try to set a steady pace of 2 hours. I positioned myself pretty close to him and waited for the start time. They sent us in corals and we were in coral 7 so after the race start it took us a few minutes before we started. Start was pretty rough. So many people, so little space. I can't really complain because that was the good portion of my warm-up.. Then I hooked up with a guy from South Carolina whom was also trying to set a 2hr race pace (~9 min mile). We started chatting and race actually seemed more comfortable that way. We were already at 3 mile marker (~ 28 minutes) and I didn't even feel it. That continued for 3 more miles and I started feeling a little fatigue around 6 mile marker. I wasn't really tired but I did not feel as strong as I was feeling when I started. A little after that my running partner had to take a bathroom break. Told me that he would catch up with me. I continued, then we started hitting some hills and I started passing people. I have to admit it felt pretty good. Then I must have picked up my pace because I started passing a lot more people.. My time at 10K (6.2 miles) mark was around 55 minutes (I will update times when I get the official results). I finished the first 10 miles at 87 minutes. Then I had to reset my watch because my watch only count up to 100 minutes and then stops (stupid design). For my last 3.1 miles (5K) I was running faster and faster and balancing my energy accordingly. I wasn't really tired at this point but I was breating heavily. I spent the next 2 miles that way and than for my last mile I sped up even more but my diaphram started hurting. I did some arm swinging and it went away. I guess it needed some streching. Then the moment that I have been waiting for, the Collesium was in sight!! That was a great motivation. I kept my pace until the last .1 mile and for that .1 mile I sprinted (I was the only one). My unofficial total time is around 1 hour 53 minutes (8:37 minute mile). They had a lot of food and water at the finish line. they even gave us a medal, which was pretty good. They took our picture and then I started looking for my ride. For some reason I could not find the "Family Reunion" area. Nobody seemed to know where it was either. I did find it and found my ride after 20 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The cheering crowd was a great help. A partner seems like a pretty good idea too. I think I am going to join more events, whether it may be another 1/2 Marathon or a Marathon (?), or a more challenging but less impact event, Triathlon.. I first need to get some rest and plan it well but I definitely enjoyed this one and would recommend it to anyone even if you only walk the distance..
One other note that I cannot pass without mentioning is that your family is always there for you. Even when they are deprived of sleep, tired, sick they share your important moments. Sometimes it is ONLY your family that does that (maybe that's why they call the pick up area "Family Reuinion"...

Here I am with my Mom..

Here I am with my Mom and my brother Tunc

I am the one with the yellow shirt, black bandana in the middle of the picture

Friday, April 29, 2005

It's a Jungle Out There

It was a usual morning. I woke up, got ready, had my breakfast, headed out to the world...
As I was driving, a thought of accident crossed my mind. I started thinking about what I would actually do if the vehicle in front of me got into an accident and I had to stop real fast. I thought that if I could not stop than I would steer to one side and stop sideways (to the right of course). OK then what if, like in the movies, an 18-wheeler comes along and cannot stop. Than what would I do. Best thing would be to get out of the car (if I have a few seconds) and run for MY LIFE. Otherwise just pull my legs and arms together and form a cacoon. As I was thinink about these, the truck in front of me started decelerating at a rate that I was not comfortable with. My "Psychic" abilities have warned me about this so I slammed the brakes. Luckily it wasn't as bad as I imagined. It was just an accident that has already been pulled to the side of the road. I sped up and again traffic slows down. Second accident. Both had just happened and cops were trying to figure out what has happened. This tells me that when I was thinking about how to stop in case of an accident, those two accidents were happening. Weird coincidence? I dunno. All I know is I thanked God that I wasn't involved in either..

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sony is still the ONE (PC)

Update 04/29/05 10:00:
One of the comments were about IBM ThinkPads. As much as I like the IBMs in terms of quality and performance, and battery life. I believe they lack the style factor. So IMHO they lack the complete package that Sony IMHO delivers.. If sytle (subjective) is not going to be one of the major decision making factors than I would opt for a much cheaper DELL.
In short; If I am payinf for a laptop I would go for the complete package, but if someone else were to give me an IBM as a Part of my work, I would gladly take it and surely would enjoy using it.
The new T Series:
Estimated Battery Life: 3.5-9.0 hours with standard battery
Weight:3.04 lbs. with standard battery
That is what I like about Sony.
They make practical, beautiful, good quality laptops that have excellent screens, livable battery life.
It must be pretty hard thing to do because there is nobody else in the PC world that can do it.
On the other side however there is APPLE. They actually are the best in terms of anything and everything.
If I didn't need to use Windows as my OS I would have bought an Apple long time ago.
It is hard NOT to be amazed with their "MINI", don't you think??
I cannot end this message without mentioning DELL. It may not be as reliable, may not be as good looking or practical, BUT they are the most affordable and for most consumers bottom line is the most important of all..

Details for Music City Marathon

For everyone that is interested here is the official site for Music City Marathon

Template editing gives Blogger an edge

I was playing with the blogger template and found a way to change the table properties so that it covers the whole page (95% to be exact) instead of 660 pixels that they have first set it out to be..
This kind of template modification (more advanced mods are possible) gives Blogger the edge in personalization of the blog..
I will play with it some more and see how else I can make it fit me better.
For those of you that would like to make similar changes go to your blog administration and select Template tab. Scroll down in the HTML code to the section called "/* Content".
Following code makes my page look the way that it is right now (flexible table borders)
/* Content
----------------------------------------------- */
#content {
margin:0 auto;
#main {
#sidebar {

Post comments for any questions..

Hard to find Pictures

Nowadays with the rival search engines working real hard, it is pretty easy to find what you are looking for. One thing that I am having real hard time finding is pictures that have "ME" in them. Of course I am not looking for it on the net but even on my own picture library I have more picture of other people that are close to me than myself.. I realized this one more time when I tried to find good pictures to post on my blog. I was lucky to find a few to post so I am satisfied for now..

I think the mainreason why someone wouldn't have a lot of pictures of themselves is because usually they are the ones taking the picture. They get so used to it that when somebody offers them to take a picture it surprises them. One thing that I am planning to do is find my friends that are in that category and exchange pictures to enrich my library. We'll see how that'll work...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I can still taste the shish kebobs.. (Me and my good friend Safak)

Just outside Mammoth Cave, KY. It is the longest cave in the world ~360 miles..

Filiz's Birthday. I am holding Filiz's older daugter Elif Ceren

Enes and Ceyda in Mammoth Cave

It is a beautiful morning in Smokeys.. From Left to Right: Enes, Ulker (my mom), Cenk (My Brother), Bekir T. (Dear Friend), and his Mom

Down in Nasville Downtown with my brother Cenk

4th of July in Nashville Tennessee (2002)

A great morning for rowing in Austin, Texas

Well, everyone needs to eat..

A beautiful sunset in Georgia..

Famous Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Peaceful spot in Dallas, TX

Monday, April 25, 2005

Run for your "Life"

Well it seems like I should talk a little about running since I have signed up for the 1/2 Marathon this weekend 4/30/05 @ the Music City Marathon.
1/2 Marathon sounds like you are not up to the "Full" marathon challenge so you are taking the "lite" version of the challenge. When you look at the numbers though 13.1 miles is not really a walk in the park. Anyways, all my running for the last 2 months should pay off this weekend and then I will give my legs a rest from the long runs.
For the beginner runners out there, listen to the more experienced runners and do NOT increase your mileage too fast, only increase it by ~10% a week.. Otherwise you will end up like me and injure yourself. Also do strength training which would help you avoid injuries..

Another aspect of these events is to help charities and disease research. Artists and singers volunteer their time, citizens volunteer their money and I just wonder how much of that really goes to helping people. Usually when we buy things we are more careful about how much we spend and we question the value that we get out of it but do we really think about the value that the needy gets when we spend our good deed money?

Back to running. My 2cents on running as a form of exercise is unless you like running you do not have to run for fitness and weight loss. Fast pace walking is as effective as running and much easier on your joints (this is especially true if you need to loose weight). Just keep your walks to 30-60 mins 4 times a week and if you mix that with jogging few minutes towards the end of your work out that is all you need for exercise (don't forget to stretch). Then you can concentrate on your diet.

Getting Started

Hello to everyone..
Blogging has been around for a while but has not caught my attention until now.
Don't have a definite content for this blog yet so I will just write whatever I have in mind when I write the blog..