Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tour of Ireland Part 1

I gathered the names of places we have been to.. Here it goes:
Cave: Ailwee Cave in BallyVaughan
Phys Ed: Burren Cod
Lunch: Doolin
Saturday we decided to take a little tour around Cliffs of Moher.. It was a relatively short drive from Limerick but time-wise it took longer than expected.. The roads here are pretty narrow, what we would call a 1 lane road is a 2 lane cross traffic road.. I am talking about big busses coming at you without really slowing down and the only thing you can do is duck and sit as close to the edge of the road as possible, even with that the bus passes you about a foot apart.. Pretty crazy driving.. Other than that it was spectacular.. Cliff's were amazing.. It was raining quite a bit so we did not get a chance to walk to the end of the cliffs to really enjoy the view but even with the limited trip it was great. I took a lot of pics but they are hidden in my camera until I find an SD card reader..
From the cliffs we went to have breakfast at a small town, after enjoying our lunch we started heading down to the caves around there (forgot the name now, I'll try to dig it up).. On the way to the caves we thoroughly enjoyed the ocean and the green and the hills, view was just great.. We found a good place to stop on the way to take pics but it turned out to be better than that.. It was all big rocks that are eaten up by waves hitting them for the hundreds of years.. coming closer to the edge you would find the rocks being shaped like a spunge (a razor sharp spunge) again because of the erosion.. We went about a quarter of a mile through these rock to the edge where the waves of the ocean would splash over us.. It was just great.. We climbed up and down the rocks.. We could have done it for a few more hours.. On the way back to the road we tried some rock climbing (I have scars to prove it too :))..
Went to the caves afterwards.. It was a relatively small cave after having seen the Mammoth caves in Kentucky.. It was pretty good little tour though..
After all that action we decided to come back to the hotel.. We were all quite tired and enjoyed the sleep on the way back to the hotel (including our driver :))..
This is the part of Ireland that I wanted to see and I am glad to have caught a glimpse of it..
I'll post the pics as soon as I can..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Walk around the city

Today one of the other guys from my team (Bill) came to Limerick.. We went for a walk in the city.. It is pretty nice. It reminds me of the outside walking environment that is similar to Istanbul. On a smaller scale of course but still nice to be walking around and see people, walk into stores check out stuff. It is relly not important what you are looking at but it is something..
Encountered the changing "regular" Irish weather.. It kept raining intermittently, sometimes pouring for a few mins and then back to normal.. Now it is good and cloudy, ~ 65-70 degrees Fahrenheight..
I am still sitting in the lobby/ cafe of the hotel, drinking ice-water.. Over in Europe you have to ask ice with drink, otherwise you wont get ice..
While walking around found a McDonalds, Burger King.. Even though it is good to know they exists, I am not ready to go to a fast food joint yet.. Went to an Italian restaurant, wasn't too bad, not great either. Deserts were pretty good..
Overall things are still going good.. We'll probably go and visit some of the castles and continue seeing around town.. Hopefully take some pictures (if it doesn't rain too much)..

I am not over my jet lag yet.. normally I am not effected by time difference this much, we'll see how long it will take to adapt.. Maybe I am getting old, that must be a sign of not adjusting as quickly.. Whatever :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Dilbert links..

Sitting at the Clarion

I just had a pretty long day at work, came back to the hotel trying to relax.. Starving to death almost with the smaller portions here in Ireland.. Of course the jet-lag and lack of sleep as a result doesn't help things..
Ok, just ate a portion of black bean and chicken with extra fried rice and I am almost full. Portions here are quite small.. probably close to half of what is in US.. I guess I can fill the void with a desert..
Overall though, I like it here so far. Pretty interesting.. Good break from the ordinary that is in US. It seems like everybody gets used to certain things.. Even though you dont have a certain routine, anything and everything that you get used to and think would not qualify for a routine is part of your routine.. It is the small things; driving on the left side, narrow roads, roundabouts, road signs, different accent, a few different words, a little different food, different ways of looking at life, more environmentally concious way of life, people on the streets walking to get to work or from point A to B, small things in general. To be honest I did not really get the chance to blend into the regular crowd yet.
Overall people seem to be pretty warm and welcoming..
Anyways my half-sized portion chocolate pyramid is here and staring at me..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back in blogger

Hello All,

I have been away from blog world for months now..
I am back..
I started travelling for work and part of my travel I will try to keep my friends updated on what I am doing..
I came to Limerick, Ireland today.. Nice and comfy flight.. It is pretty interesting here..
I got used to driving on the left side of the road pretty quickly and got used to the round abouts..
But I got lost while going to work.. Was pretty funny.. lots of roundabouts ..
Anyways, I'll keep u guys updated as frequently as I can..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PERSONAL - Moving to Austin, Take 2

My brother Tunc has decided to move to Austin so I went to Nashville to help him with the move.. It was dejavu (the third time) when we were cruising down I-40, I-30, I-35.. This is the 3rd time in the last 6 months that I drove from Nashville to Austin..
Thanks to my friends Mahmud, Arban, and Ahmet we took care of unloading with ease.. Honestly, I was at a point where I really did not want to see any box anymore..
After taking care of moving, we bought my brother a car as well and he is well underway to get settled in to Austin..
I think next step for me is to get my Trucker license, in case I ever decide to move away from IT :)

COMMENT - Not so new thing, MySpace

I have been hearing about MySpace for a while, mainly for the bad stuff. I heard it so much that I decided to give it a shot.. I just opened up my account and am trying to upload some photos and info.. We'll see what it let's you do more than other sites..
I'll keep you posted on that..
Here is my MySpace:

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Hello Friends..
I have been away for a loooong time. Just wanted to give update on what I have been upto lately..

I have been working like crazy.. Averaging over 70 hours a week.. So that covers half of the week :)
I have been busy talking to Dell about going full-time.. That happened recently (all the paperwork)..
My brother Tunc is moving to Austin.. He is moving in town this weekend or next Monday..

We just did a 2 full day testing on one of the relatively big projects that we have been working on for the last couple of months..

And I am tired.. Really, tired.. The weather is getting to me (107 one day, 60 the other day, allergies are increasing daily.. ).
Overall though I cannot complain about anything..
I am finally getting used to Austin and I am happy overall.. It is more satisfying here so far..

I'll give you guys a better run down of what is going on soon..

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Burning the Midnight Oil..

I know I have been neglecting my precious blog for the month.. I really am sorry for my friends that are following my updates.
I have been pretty busy lately.. I knew that I was going to be busy when I started my new job but it turned out that I am whole lot busier once I got fully engaged.. For the last few weeks I am averaging ~10hrs a day (7 days) at work.. Don't get me wrong. I am doing things that I really wanted to do for a long time but did not get a chance to do..
Also I am NOT ignoring my presonal life either.. I am hanging out with friends. Not as much as when I was in Nashville. There I was seeing someone everyday.. But here it is still about 3-4 times a week that I get together with friends.. I think it is the balance thing right.. I am more organized, I watch less TV, don't have a long commute..
One thing that I am missing is my exercise..
I still have not got back to it yet.. I had a couple of attempts but none successful so far..
We'll see..
For those of you that know Ibrahim Tatlises, I really am not his fan but I was just listening to iTunes and one of his songs poped up (Keskin Bicak).. Maybe I am under the influence of being tired but I listened to it 5-10 times and in fact I am still listening to it right now.. It is so emotional.. I do not consider myself emotional but it even got to me.. Anyways, thought I'd share that with you guys..

Thursday, December 22, 2005

PERSONAL - Time to Run

I signed up for this years Country Music Marathon in Nashville (April 29 2006). After gaining a few pounds I thought it was necessary to have motivating factor to get back into shape. I hope I can..
Stay tuned..

PERSONAL - Leaving friends and family

I know that I have talked about this a few times before but as certain things trigger emotions I feel like I need to revisit.
Now I am in a hotel in North Carolina, all by myself browsing internet. My dear friend Safak signed in to Messenger and we chatted a little bit. Sometimes it is pretty hard to leave your ties behind..
As much as I did not care for Nashville as a city, I really had some strong relationships there. First of all I still have my brother Tunc. Then I have my real close friends Safak (Ilknur, little Mert), Umut, Mert, Varol Family (Filiz, Yasin, Elif, Ceyda), Canan, Levent family, and others that I cannot remember right away at this hour. Then my other close friends and friends that has left Nashville before me (such as Bugra).. It is always a bad idea to name friends in case you miss one but please try to stick with the concept here..
I know that I have and will have a lot of friends in Austin but as a fruit of strong friendship I will add more friends instead of replacing the ones that I have in Nashville (and in other cities that I have lived so far)..
I have come to realize this in the past few years that no matter how much money you have, what kind of car you drive, what kind house you live in, they are all empty if you don't have anybody so share them with.. I wish everybody someone(s) to share their happines in this life and there after..
Have a happy holidays everybody!!!!

PERSONAL - Eternal frienship

Speaking of friends, I visited my ex-roommate Osman and his wife Nilufer from college last Tuesday.. I was reassured that this is the kind of long lasting friendship that I am looking for. I thank God that I have these friends that we have shared so much, and still can connect even though we cannot see each other all the time. One real good example is my middle school buddy Ozcan. I saw him and his family about a month ago in PA. Spent the night there and we chatted for hours like we were never away from each other.. So many years passed and we had so little interaction, yet our friendship was so deep that (again thank God) we did not loose our bond..
I wish everybody at least one friend like the friends that I have right now!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

COMMENT - On the road again...

OK. This is getting old. I have been driving so many miles lately, I think I will give it a rest for a little while.. I drove ~4000 miles in the last 3 weeks!
Normally I like driving, you get to think. A lot! It doesn't have to be serious stuff all the time but things that you normally don't get enough time to sit down and concentrate. Well, when you have 10-15 hours to spare, best thing is to start using the little engine...
On a totally different note, this time around I noticed that Arkansas was "The Natural State". Again this time I noticed that somehow the rivers and the lakes in Arkansas are really beautiful blue, I wanted to take some pics but did not have camera or time so maybe next time around I would get a chance to take some pics of the "The Natural State"..

Friday, December 02, 2005


The Trucking world has always been a different one for me. I have never really driven a truck for a long distance (just in city moving and stuff). I am not talking about a Ford or Chevy pickup truck. I am talking about a U-Haul 14,17,26 footer. It is a different feeling to be that high from everybody else and have that much momentum.. It requires more responsibility and care.. I can even project that handling that kind of a load would help build character. You're going to say "No Way" or argue the relationship but it is true.. You have to be very patient, plan ahead for your every move, be respectful with other people on the road, and learn to be forgiving to ignorant people.. If your personality is suitable to learn, you can learn all these good behaviors and some more.. Of course I did not drive that long to develop any new behavior but was able to catch a glimpse.. I also felt like I should start listening to country music. I did not give into that either :) I continued to listen to rock and pop..

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

TRAVEL - Northeast US

Northeast US has always had a different spot in my heart. Last week I was in MA. I then went to Albany, NY, then down south to PA, then to NC, to TN, to finally Austin (my new home).. During this visit I saw that Northern sky is different. For some reason the horizon looks whole lot wider, and bigger. I am not going to try to logically explain this, some things are better left unexplained..When I was crusing down the highway I saw these different cities that are relatively old, they had these small rectangle shaped windows with short roofs and plain colored walls.. Old style homes or apartment buildings. Even though those buildings are fairly old and not really the latest style, I like them. I like them a lot. It has this warm feeling and somehow I can feel a connection. This is pretty weird considering that I have never lived up north. Just visited.. I wished that I had my camera with me so that I could have shared the scenery with you but I guess I will have to do that next time.. One other thing that is great about the north is the trees. They are big and there are lots of them.. The only other place that I have seen that kind of abundance was suprisingly in Arkansas. So far the only thing that I liked about Arkansas is their trees (don't know much about Arkansas yet).From reading this you might ask why I am down in Austin, part of my answer is I don't like COLD!! I can bear upto TN, VA line.. After that it gets too much cold and snow for my taste.. People here call 40-50 F cold where in Northeastern states, people would walk with shorts and T-shirts when it is that 'warm':) Rest of my answer has to do with how nice Austin is, and how my new job is located here in Austin (this is a whole different topic)..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

COMMENT - Homelessness (Temp)

Well, for the last 2 weeks I have been staying with my friends in Austin. They have been great, I have really enjoyed my time here. We are getting along just fine!
I even started thinking about staying with these guys. I will be working a lot for the next foreseeble future, which means I will be out most of the time at my favorite coffee shop anyways. Rest of the time, when I do not have to work, I have these great guys to hang out with.. Just great :) Maybe not so great for them since they have to study most of the time and me coming and disturbing them when they study may get old after a while.. We'll probably never know since I will be moving to my place right after Xgiving.
All in all I believe I am lucky that I already have few good friends in my new Domain..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Moving to Austin, TX

Hello my friends,

As most of you already know I am moving to Austin, TX. Technically I already did move to Austin. Just my stuff has not made it here yet..
I really did not have much of a time to feel anything about moving (because of all the hassles of moving and starting a new job).
One thing that I know for sure is how much I will miss my friends and family, soon. I say soon because I cannot miss them yet. I will see them in a couple of weeks.. I expect that the reality of moving will settle in when I sit in an empty apartment by myself and see myself reaching to my cell to call someone from Nashville to go do something..
Tonight my good friends Hande and Turker called me. I felt like I was right there in TN but nope I checked where I was and I was at a "Seattles Best" Coffee shop in Austin (BTW they are much better than Starbucks).
This is going to be the start of my updates on my blog. This would be the best way to update everyone that cares about me..
To all my Friends/ family:
I do appreciate everything that you have done for me, all that you have helped me with, all that you had to endure, and all that we have shared together.. If there is anything that I may have done to hurt you, or anything that I have said/done that may have come accross as anything less than positive I am sincerely sorry about it. Thanks for all the memories you guys have given me, hope to continue our relationship forever..

HELLO to a new beginning,


Saturday, September 24, 2005

REVIEW - Crush

This movie is one of the more depressing movies that I have seen for a long time. We usually watch movies together with my friends and they always complain that I pick action movies, or feel good movies, comedy and not really serious movies. Well I LEARNED in my past experience that if you have more than 2-3 people watching a movie together it is a good idea to pick more neutral movies. Well yesterday I was looking for Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I have been waiting for it for a while now) at the movie store and could not find it in 2 stores. Then I heard from someone that Crash was a good movie. Did not know details but looked interesting. Anyways the movie is all about coincidental interactions of a few people that supposedly teaches each one of them (or the audience) a lesson about how bad racial, ethnic, religious, .. discrimination is. Well I am all against it anyways but even for a person like me there were things to gain by watching the movie. The highlight of the movie was the realization of the characters that even though we may look different with our skin color, accent, beliefs, wealth, .. we are all human and have similar building blocks and we are not so much different than each other once we are past the outside appearance.
Well another lesson that I learned is that I would probably want to stay away from LA (Los Angeles that is not Lower Alabama :))